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Commercial Edition


Photo image documentation is widely used across commercial industries to document assets, locations, events, improvements, and damages. With the 4D PhotoStation Manager Commercial Edition, you can now document changes over time, easily highlighting features of interest, and measuring sizes of critical features or defects. Our standards-based solution makes it easy to deploy our photo documentation solutions in the field, saving you time and money. Typical applications include:

  • Insurance appraisal measurement of damage
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Property Documentation
  • Facilities Management and Engineering
  • Construction / Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Transportation Asset Management
  • Power Generation and Distribution Asset Management
  • Law Enforcement Crime Scene and Accident Documentation
  • Home Improvement and Construction


Healthcare Edition



Now introducing our PhotoStation Tablet System! An all-in-one solution that takes photo documentation to a new level. The new PhotoStation Tablet System includes a high quality digital camera that wirelessly transfers the photograph to be instantly displayed on the tablet ready for measurement, notes, and reporting! If you already have a tablet and digital camera, we now have a wireless option to turn your windows based tablet and camera into a wireless solution.

Specialties including wound care, dermatology, dentistry, and medispas, among others rely on before and afters to track changes over time. With the 4D PhotoStation Manager Healthcare Editions you can now incorporate photo documentation using any digital camera into your practice workflow for:

  • Insurance Precertification
  • Reimbursements that require photographic support
  • Pre-Op / During-Op / Post-Op procedures documentation
  • Before and Afters
  • Documenting Unique or rare conditions
  • Consultation (peer-level) Notes
  • Referrals (to the expert) Notes
  • Patient take homes for monitoring
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