4D Imaging Systems Inc. Introduces The PhotoStation Camera Kit™ for Wound Care
and the PhotoStation Manager™ Wound Care Edition Version 2.4 Software

The new PhotoStation Camera Kit™ for Wound Care is the easiest to use and most accurate wound care measurement and photo documentation system available. With everything needed to shoot photos, measure surface area, and create photo documentation reports, Wound Care Professionals can now quickly document healing, improve reimbursements, and improve patient care with the PhotoStation Camera Kit.

(Oak Ridge, Tenn.) Oak Ridge, TN March 28, 2013 - 4D Imaging Systems Inc., a leading nationwide provider of photographic documentation software and systems, announced the debut of their new all-in-one photo documentation and measurement wound camera system. The PhotoStation Camera Kit™ includes the 4D Imaging Systems PhotoStation Manager Wound Care Edition™ software, a high quality Canon G15 digital camera, and a complete set of ruler markers for size reference.

"The PhotoStation Camera Kit is our newest product designed to provide the wound care specialist with the tools needed to track wound healing progress straight out of the box.", said Joseph L. Ortiz, 4D Imaging Systems' President and CEO. The PhotoStation Camera Kit joins the PhotoStation Tablet System as complete solutions to measure wound area, add photo documentation to the patient record, and report wound healing progress.

The PhotoStation Manager Wound Care Edition software has been revised to version 2.4 as well. "We've added several enhancements to our PhotoStation Manager Software which include a significantly upgraded digital photo import interface, additional features in the wound trace tool, and the ability to resize and save reports and photos for easier import into any EMR/EHR.", said 4D Imaging Systems' Chief Operating Officer, John Miller.

About 4D Imaging Systems Inc.

4D Imaging Systems Inc. offers solutions that provide Visual Decision Support, enabling customers to make better decisions by automating and streamlining the capture, organization, enhancement, analysis, and reporting of visual data. The company offers software based products for the medical and commercial industries.

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