New company name to reflect opportunities in multiple industries.

For Immediate Release: August 10, 2011.

(Oak Ridge, Tenn.) 4D Medical Systems Inc. announced today that it has changed its name to 4D Imaging Systems Inc. The change in name reflects the company's core focus on developing information technology solutions that aid in the management of visual data in multiple vertical markets.

4D Imaging Systems Inc. will continue its focus on providing solutions that automate detecting and reporting on changes identified in visual data captured and analyzed over time. 4D Imaging Systems’ product offerings provide value across a range of commercial, industrial, and consumer markets. In markets such as utilities, departments of transportation, commercial and residential real estate, construction, and manufacturing, the increased use of digital photography is creating a flood of visual data that organizations are finding difficult to manage. 4D Imaging Systems’ solutions help these organizations effectively capture, organize, annotate, and analyze their photo imaging data.

The company will continue to develop solutions for the healthcare market. In a variety of specialty segments, including wound care, dermatology, cosmetics, plastic surgery, and others, 4D Imaging Systems provides a flexible yet easy to use photo image data management solution to simplify pre-certifications, reimbursements, proof of improvement, and before and afters reports.

About 4D Imaging Systems: 4D Imaging Systems, Inc. offers solutions that provide Visual Decision Support, enabling customers to make better decisions by automating and streamlining the capture, organization, enhancement, analysis, and reporting of visual data.


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