New photo documentation capabilities work with any off the shelf digital camera.

For Immediate Release: November 30, 2011.

(Oak Ridge, Tenn.) 4D Imaging Systems Inc. announced the general availability of the new 4D PhotoStation Manager™ Version 2.0, Healthcare Edition software today. The 4D PhotoStation Manager release targets healthcare providers with an integrated set of digital photo documentation capabilities that make it simple to see, measure, and report on visual changes over time.

Healthcare segments such as wound care, medical and cosmetic dermatology, weight loss, and medispa practices are increasingly using digital cameras as a tool for patient documentation. The PhotoStation Manager is the ideal solution for enabling healthcare practices to get the most from their photo documentation. The PhotoStation Manager eliminates the costs and complexities of using digital photography while providing opportunities for the practice to increase revenues. Practices can benefit from faster and more accurate insurance pre-certifications and can document proof of improvement through before-and-after reports resulting in faster reimbursements.

The PhotoStation Manager can accurately measure the size of features documented in digital photographs. For example, the newly released feature, Size Change Report, can document the before and after change in the size of a wound documented in two photographs taken at different times. The report includes changes in surface area, longest width, and estimated volume. According to Dr. Adam Hicks, DPM at the University Podiatric Surgery & Limb Preservation, PLLC, Louisville, KY, “Photo documentation is paramount for accurate wound care documentation and the future with electronic medical records. The PhotoStation Manager allows for easy migration of pictures into current electronic medical records. Documentation of wound size and rate of healing is critical for wound care reimbursement.”

“This new PhotoStation Manager Version 2.0 software release includes all the key features our current customers of Version 1.0 asked us to include.” said Joseph L. Ortiz, President and CEO of 4D Imaging Systems. “In addition to taking accurate surface area measurements from pictures taken using any off-the-shelf digital camera, we have included a full suite of photo-annotation tools that makes it easy to markup and identify significant features within the image. New report formats include details of annotations and measurements taken of highlighted areas in the photographs.”

Dr. Adam Hicks, who has been using the PhotoStation Manager to document and measure a variety of podiatric wounds and ulcers, also noted that, “The PhotoStation Manager provides me with the ability to measure and track changes in wound surface area and estimated wound volume over time, which up until now requires manually measurement and calculations. The capabilities of the PhotoStation Manager, when fully integrated with our electronic medical record system, will help us improve patient care and increase practice revenues.”

The PhotoStation Manager Version 2.0 software is compatible with any Windows® PC and digital camera model, including point-and-shoot, digital SLR, and the new generation of “Mirrorless” interchangeable lens digital cameras. The software supports several workflows typical in practices using digital cameras including “shoot-and-upload” in which photo-images are taken and directly loaded into the system, as well as “multi-shoot and load” where sequences of multiple patient photos are captured before loading. The system also supports a direct USB interface to Nikon digital cameras supported by the Nikon Control Pro Version 2.0 software and wireless network support by the Eye-Fi® line of SD card format Wi-Fi cards.

The PhotoStation Manager is available immediately for purchase and is available for free in a trial version.

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4D Imaging Systems Inc. offers solutions that provide Visual Decision Support, enabling customers to make better decisions by automating and streamlining the capture, organization, enhancement, analysis, and reporting of visual data. The PhotoStation Manager V2.0 release was partially funded under an agreement with Tennessee Technology Development Corporation (TTDC) and the State of Tennessee.