New company name to reflect opportunities in multiple industries.

For Immediate Release: August 10, 2011.

(Oak Ridge, Tenn.) 4D Medical Systems Inc. announced today that it has changed its name to 4D Imaging Systems Inc. The change in name reflects the company's core focus on developing information technology solutions that aid in the management of visual data in multiple vertical markets.

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New photo documentation capabilities work with any off the shelf digital camera.

For Immediate Release: November 30, 2011.

(Oak Ridge, Tenn.) 4D Imaging Systems Inc. announced the general availability of the new 4D PhotoStation Manager™ Version 2.0, Healthcare Edition software today. The 4D PhotoStation Manager release targets healthcare providers with an integrated set of digital photo documentation capabilities that make it simple to see, measure, and report on visual changes over time.

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We're happy to showcase a recent article from East TN Medical News. You can find this and more articles by: SCOTT BROOKS

4D Medical Systems launches 4D PhotoStation

An East Tennessee computer expert is taking the old saying about a picture and a thousand words and turning it into a new medical diagnostic tool that has the potential to save lives.

Joe Ortiz founded 4D Medical Systems, Inc. in 2007 in Oak Ridge at the Technology 2020 business incubator. But Ortiz has been working with computers and imaging for various companies over the last 25 years. That led to his interest in "4D" technology – the ability to use high resolution photography to track changes in a subject over time.

"The fourth dimension–4D—is time," said Ortiz. "It's not just pretty pictures."

He started the company with an idea and a business plan, but not necessarily a practical application.

"We were looking at where we could make an impact."

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4D Medical Systems is happy to announce a recent award presented by the TTDC.

Tennessee Technology Development Corp. (TTDC) today announced $400,000 in proof-of-concept grants were awarded to seven Tennessee organizations. The grants, of up to $50,000 each, go to support the development of "innovative products and services with strong commercial potential in the life sciences, engineering, materials sciences, computer sciences and other high-technology industries."

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