What things should I consider when trying to setup my Photo Documention Workflow?

There are several things to consider when establishing a digital photo documentation workflow. To begin, you should be able the answer some basic questions, including:

  • What is my Subject that I will photo document (i.e. a person, an object, a location, etc.)? What are the list of standardized views that are needed to fully document your Subject and in what sequence can you most quickly / efficiently capture those views with a camera?
  • How many cameras will be used?
  • Will a single camera be used by one person or multiple people?
  • Will you capture photo images for a single Subject and then process / load those photo images before moving on to the next Subject? Or will photo images of multiple Subjects be captured before performing the processing and loading?
  • Will the photo image processing be done at a single, centralized workstation? Or will each person taking photo images have access to their own computer while taking the photo documentation  images.
  • What information is critical to be associated with the photo images? Do these include any measurements?
  • What sorts of procedures will be documented using photo images and have you standardized the steps / views you desire to be captured using photo images?

These are just a few of the things you need to consider when creating a standardized digital photo documentation workflow.

What if my organization has multiple sites, can we all capture, upload, and access photo documentation images located in a single photo documetation collection?

If your organization has multiple users of the PhotoStation Manager solution, depending on your needs, all users can share a single, networked collection of photo documentation records, or one or more of the users can setup their own private collection of photo documentation records.

One of the setup features of the PhotoStation Manager is the Storage Tab. On this panel, you can choose where your photo documentation collection will be stored. You can choose a local drive (i.e. on your personal computer), a networked file server drive, or even a virtual drive located up in the cloud.

A networked file server drive or cloud drive selection makes it easy for a single photo documentation record collection to be accessed and shared by multiple users.

Is a dedicated "Photography Room" required in my Healthcare practice?

We have heard from many Healthcare organizations that they've been told that in order to capture high quality photo documentation, they need to invest in an expensive, proprietary camera rig and that they need to setup a dedicated photography room.

This is not the case.

The technological sophistication of most digital cameras today is enough to make sure you can capture quality photos from most off-the-shelf digital cameras. While there are some issues you need to be sensitive to, like sensor size and white balance, generally speaking, you can skip the expensive camera rigs. Check out our Digital Camera Primer for more information about choosing a digital camera.

What is not so easy even with today's off-the-shelf digital cameras is managing the photo image files once you have collected a few hundred. That's where our PhotoStation Manager solution makes it easy to use an off-the-shelf digital camera to automate your digital photo documentation workflow.

Now, if you would like to have a flexible photo documentation system that makes shooting the best possible, most consistent, and highest quality digital photo documentation simple and easy, you should check out our PhotoStation System. With the all-inclusive 4D PhotoStation System, you won't need a dedicated photography room. You can move the PhotoStation System from room to room with settings tailored to make sure you get the best possible images. Our mobile cart design is optimized for multi-room environments in which you bring the photo documentation system to your Subjects, and not the other way around.

Don't I need to be trained as an amateur photographer to get consistent, decent looking Photo Images?

While taking consistent high quality photo documentation images requires more than pointing your camera and pressing the shutter release button, you don't need to be an expert in photography to get the job done.

Many digital cameras include options that make it easy to take pictures in a variety of situations. While most cameras have a sports mode, or fireworks mode, unfortunately no camera we've seen has a 'consistent high quality documentation photo image' mode.

By understanding the four key ideas of shutter speed, aperture, white balance, and ISO level, you can take high quality photo images at your facility without becoming a photo expert. Please refer to our Digital Photography Primer for more information about capturing photo documentation images.

What versions of Windows® does the PhotoStation Manager support?

All three PhotoStation Manager Editions can work on the following versions of Microsoft Windows®:

  • Microsoft Windows® XP

  • Microsoft Windows Vista®

  • Microsoft Windows 7®

Does the PhotoStation Manager really work with any Digital Camera?

The PhotoStation Manager does import photo images from any camera available on the market today.

The PhotoStation Manager will import any JPEG compressed photo image, and as well can import photo images in TIFF and BMP formats.

In the future, additional non-standard photo formats will be supported by the PhotoStation Manager.

What are the software license options available for the PhotoStation Manager software?

The PhotoStation Manager is available in an unlimited, single CPU license and in a monthly service license.

With the unlimited single CPU license, you pay a single fee for a license to one of the three PhotoStation Manager software Editions, and you have the unlimited use of that software. Included in the purchase price of the software is a one year technical support and update service which provides you with the assurance that if you have technical issues with tuning your photography workflow while using our software, you can get the help you need. After the first year, you can extend your technical support and update service by paying an additional annual service fee.

With the monthly service option, you are provided with use of one of the three PhotoStation Manager software Editions on a single CPU, but you can cancel the service with 30 days notice. As long as you continue with your service license plan, you will be provided with technical support and software update services.

Is the PhotoStation Manager Software compatible with the Eye-Fi wireless photo uplod card?

All Editions of the PhotoStation Manager solution are compatible with the Eye-Fi wireless solution. The Eye-Fi solution enables any digital camera to wirelessly upload photos to your computer running the PhotoStation Manager software.

 PhotoStation Manager Compatibility with Eye-Fi

It is easy to configure the Eye-Fi wireless upload card to work with the PhotoStation Manager. In the Eye-Fi Center, you can configure the name and upload destination of your Eye-Fi card. If you have a single camera for shooting photo images, configure an Eye-Fi upload destination location in a folder on your desktop or in your MyPhotos folder. Just load photo images from the folder location you set up in the Eye-Fi Center to import into the PhotoStation Manager.

For more information about Eye-Fi products, go to www.eye.fi.

Why should I select the Loader Version Software product?

The PhotoStation Manager Loader Version automates the process of sorting and organizing photo images according to your subject's Record ID.

Choose the PhotoStation Manager Loader Version if you want to:

  • use a single camera to shoot photo images of multiple subjects before loading into the computer.
  • use multiple cameras and want to have a standardized process and workflow for organizing your photo images.
  • be able to search for all photo images for a single record using the record ID.
  • see all photo images taken of a single subject sorted by photo shoot date.
  • elminate printing hardcopy outputs of photo image for insertion in the subject's record.
  • are worried about how to handle getting your photo images into your current or planned for electronic records system.

Why should I select the Essentials Version software product?

The PhotoStation Manager Essentials Version automates the process of sorting and organizing photo images according to your patient ID and creating report outputs including before and afters.

Choose the PhotoStation Manager Essentials Version if you want to:

  • use all the features of the PhotoStation Manager Loader Version.
  • keep track of information related to your subject documentation process and have that information be part of an report output.
  • keep track of information related to each photo image and have that information be part of an report output.
  • create before and after output reports with 2 or 3 views shown on a single page
  • create a zoom detail showiing a particular feature for patient home monitoring
  • create a gallery of all photo images to document a changes over time during a single day's procedures
  • create reports with your firm's details and key information without having to hand write notes on a photo printout.

Why should I select the Enhancer Version software product?

The PhotoStation Manager Enhancer Version automates the process of sorting and organizing photo images according to your Record ID, creating report outputs including before and afters, and taking digital measurements of features in the photo image.

Choose the PhotoStation Manager Enhancer Version if you want to:

  • use all the features of the PhotoStation Manager Essentials Version.
  • annotate photo images with text or graphical notations in the photo image.
  • digital measure features with a high level of accuracy for change tracking.
  • create report outputs that additionally include measurement output details.

Why should I select the 4D PhotoStation System?

The 4D PhotoStation System ...

Choose the the 4D PhotoStation System if you want to:

  • have a complete system that includes all components needed to shoot consistent, high quality photo images.
  • easily position your camera for repeating the same shot over time while having your hands free to enter notational data and control the shooting process using your computer.

Commercial Introduction

Photo Documentation Solutions for Commercial Markets.

Commercial Measurement

Photo image documentation is widely used across commercial industries to document objects of interest. With 4D Imaging Systems' PhotoStation Manager Commercial Edition™, you can now document changes over time, easily highlighting features of interest, and measuring sizes of critical features or defects. Our standards-based solution makes it easy to deploy our photo documentation solutions in the field, saving you time and money.

Download and try for Free a Full Trial Version of the PhotoStation Manager, Commercial Edition

Typical applications include:

  • Auto Insurance hail and accident damage measurements
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Property Documentation
  • Facilities Management and Engineering
  • Transportation Asset Management
  • Power Generation and Distribution Asset Management
  • Law Enforcement Crime Scene and Accident Documentation
  • Home Improvement and Construction

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For an introduction to key aspects related to choosing a digital camera for your photo documentation, download the Digital Photography Primer.

Digital Photography Primer

To begin using the PhotoStation Manager software, download the Quick Start Guide for a quick overview of installing and using the trial version and sample data.

Quick Start Guide

To review the PhotoStation Manager software features and functionality, download the PhotoStation Help file.

PhotoStation Manager Help

For a photo documentation workflow and PhotoStation Manager software feature summary, download the PhotoStation Manager Quick Reference.

PhotoStation Manager Quick Reference

To understand the components and setup of the PhotoStation System, download the PhotoSation System Manual.

PhotoStation System Manual

If you have any questions or would like for us to walk through the software via an online training session, please call or email. We will be happy to help you setup and configure the PhotoStation Manager or your PhotoStation System to meet your photo documentation workflow requirements at no obligation to you.

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