What versions of Windows® does the PhotoStation Manager support?

All three PhotoStation Manager Editions can work on the following versions of Microsoft Windows®:

  • Microsoft Windows® XP

  • Microsoft Windows Vista®

  • Microsoft Windows 7®

Does the PhotoStation Manager really work with any Digital Camera?

The PhotoStation Manager does import photo images from any camera available on the market today.

The PhotoStation Manager will import any JPEG compressed photo image, and as well can import photo images in TIFF and BMP formats.

In the future, additional non-standard photo formats will be supported by the PhotoStation Manager.

What are the software license options available for the PhotoStation Manager software?

The PhotoStation Manager is available in an unlimited, single CPU license and in a monthly service license.

With the unlimited single CPU license, you pay a single fee for a license to one of the three PhotoStation Manager software Editions, and you have the unlimited use of that software. Included in the purchase price of the software is a one year technical support and update service which provides you with the assurance that if you have technical issues with tuning your photography workflow while using our software, you can get the help you need. After the first year, you can extend your technical support and update service by paying an additional annual service fee.

With the monthly service option, you are provided with use of one of the three PhotoStation Manager software Editions on a single CPU, but you can cancel the service with 30 days notice. As long as you continue with your service license plan, you will be provided with technical support and software update services.

Is the PhotoStation Manager Software compatible with the Eye-Fi wireless photo uplod card?

All Editions of the PhotoStation Manager solution are compatible with the Eye-Fi wireless solution. The Eye-Fi solution enables any digital camera to wirelessly upload photos to your computer running the PhotoStation Manager software.

 PhotoStation Manager Compatibility with Eye-Fi

It is easy to configure the Eye-Fi wireless upload card to work with the PhotoStation Manager. In the Eye-Fi Center, you can configure the name and upload destination of your Eye-Fi card. If you have a single camera for shooting photo images, configure an Eye-Fi upload destination location in a folder on your desktop or in your MyPhotos folder. Just load photo images from the folder location you set up in the Eye-Fi Center to import into the PhotoStation Manager.

For more information about Eye-Fi products, go to www.eye.fi.

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