The 4D PhotoStation System eliminates the costs and complexities of digital photography in your healthcare practice. It is a practical solution that provides improved patient care, reduced healthcare IT costs, increased revenues from improved reimbursement documentation, and lower liabilities from more effective documentation and reporting.

 Standard Way4D Imaging Systems Solution



  • Photo image quality dependent on expertise of the operator
  • Replace full memory cards or dead batteries
  • Reshoot poor quality images
  • Consistent, high quality photo documentation captured, organized, and comminucated by anyone
  • No memory cards or batteries saves time
  • Live preview on computer screen means you get the photo right the first time and avoid photo reshoots


  • Manually transfer photo images from camera to computer
  • Manually create a folder to hold photos for each day or each subject
  • Rename image files
  • Photos are automatically transferred and saved to your permanent digital photo documentation archive
  • Every photo image for a particular subject is automatically linked together into a single, electronically searchable Record
  • Photo images saved with unique file names including timestamp and Record ID


  • No way to annotate photo images
  • Hard to find past photo images to compare changes over time
  • Lost data related to each photo
  • Add notes about the photo documentation collection date (e.g. location, procedure, etc.) and for each individual photo image
  • Simple, instant access to entire collection of photo images for the subject
  • Print photo images with all annotations in a single click


  • Cumbersome electronic or manual filing
  • Different subject photo images mixed together
  • Expensive printing costs for paper and toner or ink
  • Seamless integration into your Electronic Records System (ERS) or paper based records
  • Search all photos by a unique Record ID
  • Reduce or eliminate print output costs
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