Electronic Records System (ERS)

The ERS Upload option makes it simple and easy for you to add your photo images directly to your business' Electronic Records System. The ERS option is available for the 4D PhotoStation System or any Version of the PhotoStation Manager software product.

Standardized Electronic Records Format

In Commercial markets the ERS option can be defined to create XML data transfer command files that enable photo images and associated data and notes to be directly imported into your document image management or business database system.

Healthcare HL7 Standard Format

In Healthcare markets, in addition to an XML interface, the ERS option can use the Health Level 7 (HL7) interface standard. HL7 defines a standard set of messages for communicating with most Healthcare Electronic Records Systems. In Healthcare the ERS is typically called the Electronic Medical Records System (EMR). The PhotoStation Manager software creates an HL7 Observation Result Unsolicited "ORU" message for each photo image you tag for upload to the ERS.

EMR Option

Each ORU message is an 'ordered test result' that is to be logged in the target record. In the case of the PhotoStation Manager, the test ordered is a photograph and the results are the visual data contained in the photo image. The PhotoStation Manager Software creates an HL7 message that includes the Record ID, the photo image date of capture, and a reference to the location of the photo image. Using this information, the ERS will take the appropriate steps to make the photo image viewable from the corresponding electronic record.

While each Healthcare ERS vendor supports some version of the HL7 interface standard, each ERS vendor may require slight differences in the information provided in each message or they may handle the routing of the photo images to the destination record slightly differently. Depending on your ERS vendor, an initial integration implementation project may be required between 4D Imaging Systems and your ERS vendor.

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