The PhotoStation Manager™ turns any Windows® compatible computer into an image processing platform that makes it easy to organize, enhance, and communicate your photo image documentation data.

The PhotoStation Manager Essentials Version™ is the step up member of the 4D PhotoStation Manager software product line. The PSM Essentials includes all the great organizational and access features found in the PSM Loader Version product, but includes a number of capabilities that make it easy to thoroughly document and track details related to each Subject you are photo documenting.PhotoStation Manager Essentials


The PSM Essentials Edition includes 6 user customizable fields that make tracking the details of each photo documentation capture session as simple as a click of the mouse. In the PhotoStation Manager Setup, the fields can be given a custom name and a collection of possible values.

Customizable fields are associated with either a particular date ("Date Details") or with a particular photo image ("Photo Image Details"). Date Details include two person-name keyword lists, enabling you for example to track the personnel involved in the photo documentation process for that date. Two additional Date Detail fields allow you to track workflow steps specific to the Subject you are documenting. Photo Image Details include two customizable keyword fields that can be used to quickly document what is in the particular photo image.


As a member of the PhotoStation Manager software product line, the Essentials Edition will display any photo image loaded and organized by PSM Loader Edition.

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  • Easily managed on a computer, network server or the cloud.
  • View entire photo-image history for a selected Subject sorted by date.
  • Reveal photo-image details with a zoomable magnifier.
  • Photo-images separately tagged with Subject demographic details.
  • User defined keywords documenting Date Details stored along with each photo-image.
  • Add free-form text notes to individual photo-images.
  • Photo-images are saved in industry standard jpeg format for direct use with other software tools (MS Word®, powerPoint®, email, etc.).
  • Reduce print costs with immediate electronic access to photo-image history tied to single unique Record ID.