About 4D Imaging Systems Inc.

4D Imaging Systems Inc. is an information technology company developing solutions that automate the detection and quantification of changes in visual data over time. Our solutions provide customers with the capability we call Visual Decision Support. We enable our customers to make better decisions and to have a higher level of situational awareness in their areas of operation. We automate and streamline our customer's visual data capture, organization, enhancement, analysis, and reporting needs.

Located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 4D Imaging Systems’ core team has extensive experience in information technology, digital imaging, and photography. Our technologies and solutions provide value across a range of commercial, industrial, public, and private industries. The proliferation of low-cost digital imaging sensors, combined with the ubiquitous availability of local and online computational power and storage is resulting in a visual data flood. 4D Imaging Systems' solutions eliminate the complexity of managing this data challenge.

In the healthcare industry, our first target market, our customers testify to 4D Imaging Systems' drive and ability to deliver solutions that exceed their expectations. We enable healthcare organizations to increase revenues, provide a higher level of service, and achieve lower operational costs through the use of our Visual Decision Support Systems.

The 4D Imaging Systems team understands that each customer has unique Visual Documentation needs. Because of our core strengths in information technology and imaging, and our experience with visual data workflows and electronic record systems, we are confident that with our off-the-shelf solutions, combined with our consultative and customization services, that we will be able to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

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