According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, in 2004, 11% of nursing home residents had pressure ulcers (Stages I through IV). Skin assessment on patient admission to a nursing home, assisted living, or home care program is an essential component of a standardized admission procedure. Including photo documentation as a standard tool in admission skin assessments is an ideal way to baseline current patient status, track changes over time, and mitigate care giver liabilities.

Download and try for Free a Full Trial Version of the PhotoStation Manager, Wound Care Edition

The 4D PhotoStation Manager is ideal for documenting:

  • Calculating Wound Volume and Surface Area more accurately with reduced risk of contamination
  • Admission assessments of ulcers (pressure, diabetic, etc) per CMS guidelines
  • Pre-existing ulcers to ensure Medicare reimbursement for wound care
  • Regression or progression of ulcers/burns throughout treatment
  • Telemedicine consults to burn centers with annotation and measurements on the image
  • Case Studies of wound/burn healing for teaching
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