The PhotoStation Manager™ turns any Windows® compatible computer into an image processing platform that makes it easy to organize, enhance, and communicate your photo image documentation data.

The PhotoStation Manager Loader Version™ is the entry point into the 4D PhotoStation Manager software product line. The PSM Loader frees you from having to manually sort your digital photos and from having to worry about how to find digital photos of a particular Subject that you took previously.

The PSM Loader an ideal tool for back office staff to input and organize photo images for later review and analysis. Everything you need to quickly organize and display your photo images is provided by the PhotoStation Manager Loader solution.

The PhotoStation Manager Loader Edition

The PSM Loader works with any workflow you may have in place for capturing digital photography. If you have a single camera that is shared by multiple technicians to capture photos of multiple Subjects, the PSM Loader can help you quickly select the photos for each particular Subject to add the photo images to the corresponding Record ID in your master photo collection. If you shoot photos and then load the pictures immediately into a single Record, the PSM Loader also makes it easy to access and update the Subject's photo image history with the new photo images.

Any way you use digital photography today in your organization, the PSM Loader provides a simple and easy to use interface that allows you to organize your photo images by a single, indexed Record ID.

Forget about making paper based copies of your photo images to incorporate images into your paper-based business records. With the PSM Loader, you can electronically retrieve the entire photo image history by searching on the Record ID and exploring all photo images sorted by photography capture date.

As a member of the PhotoStation Manager software product line, the Loader Version will display any photo image, output report, and or photo image enhancements created by the Essentials or Enhancer Versions of the PhotoStation Manager.

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