Get more from your Photo Imaging Workflow 

Let 4D Imaging Systems™ help you optimize your photo image documentation workflow and recommend a path to higher productivity and efficiency. We understand that every business situation is different. Healthcare Management Workflows vary depending on the size of the facility, the number of providers, and the reasons why patients are being seen. Commercial Management Workflows will vary depending on if you are using photo documentation for buildings, assets, or events.

A Full Range of Photo Documentation Services

4D Imaging Systems offers both prepackaged service plans and custom services to help you reduce costs and increase revenues from your photo image documentation workflow. We can help you:

  • Set up multiple sites in your organization to capture, organize, and access photo documentation collected in house or in the field.
  • Setup storage on your local area network or in the cloud.
  • Integrate your photo image documentation with your organizations existing or planned Electronic Records System (ERS).
  • Scan and organize your legacy collection of X-Ray, MRI, or CT-Scan films or photography to facilitate incorporation into your ERS.
  • Create customer photo image processing tools to organize or annotate your photo images to your specific requirements;
  • Integrate semi-custom digital still photography or video camera hardware device components into unique turnkey systems that meet your unique requirements.
  • Train your personnel on how to fully utilize existing or new imaging devices and systems.

Let 4D Imaging Systems' Photo Documentation Experts Help You

4D Imaging's team of computer imaging engineers can quickly tailor our existing product offerings to meet your organization's photo image documentation workflow needs, or create a new semi-custom solution to meet unique imaging requirements not directly addressable otherwise with off-the-shelf systems.

Either way, 4D Imaging's consultation services will provide you with cost savings and productivity improvements by optimizing and automating your image processing workflow.

Contact Us now to find out more about our fixed priced and project-based service offerings.


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