PhotoStation Tablet System
PhotoStation Tablet System
The Portable and Powerful Documentation Solution for the Healthcare Professional

The PhotoStation Tablet System™ is our all-in-one portable solution that takes wound care measurement and documentation to the next level. With the PhotoStation Tablet System, we bring the full power of photo documentation into a solution you can use to easily take pictures, measure wound size, and create reports that you can use with your existing patient records system.

The PhotoStation Tablet System includes our PhotoStation Manager™ software which together with the camera and wireless card, allows you to shot pictures that are instantly displayed in the patient record. Trace the wound outline and your measurements are calculated automatically!

The PhotoStation Tablet System fits into your existing electronic or paper-based records system and workflow. It is compatible with any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that can add photos directly into a patient chart. We’ve made it easy for you to get to your photos and measurement reports and send them where they need to go.

The PhotoStation Tablet System for Wound Care includes:

  • PhotoStation Manager Software 
  • Ruler Markers in 3 Sizes with Goniometer
  • Samsung Slate Tablet
  • Canon G15 12 Megapixel Digital Camera
  • EyeFi 8GB Wireless Card
  • Case and Stand for Tablet

With the PhotoStation Tablet System, you can immediately speed up your patient photography workflow and free clinic personnel for other tasks. We've designed the system to make it easy to consistently take high-quality photos from room-to-room with minimal setup. Because you can now store your photos automatically and digitally indexed by patient ID, along with your measurement and progression of healing reports, you can eliminate hard copy printouts, having to create folders and copying image files, and sorting through and locating hard to find picture files on computer hard drives.


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