Wound Care Photo Documentation

The most accurate, affordable, and easy to use system for wound measurement on the market. 

Automatically measure wound area from a digital photograph!

Download and try for Free a Full Trial Version of the PhotoStation Manager, Wound Care Edition and find out why it is the ideal solution for visually documenting wound or burn healing over time.

The PhotoStation Manager makes it easy to capture, organize, markup, and digitally measure patient wounds by using photo image documentation. Use your current digital camera and PC / Laptop to photo document wound stage and percentage area reduction over time. Find out why the PhotoStation Manager will become an indispensible tool in your patient care toolkit.

Workflow for Wound Measurement

Wound Care Photo Documentation Workflow

Showing the progression of wound healing with the PhotoStation Manager is simple. Incorporating digital photography in your existing workflow will provide you with several benefits, including better patient care and better documentation for showing healing over time. Just capture images with your existing digital camera, or one we can help you select. The PhotoStation Manager can then use the ruler you've placed in the photo to automatically calculate the Width, Length, and Area of wounds you've selected for measurement. Before and after reports, which can include 2 or 3 photo images with measurements can be created with a click of your mouse. Details of each patient visit, any notes you took, and all wound features measured are included in the report outputs. All measurements are reported in centimeters or centimeters-squared (for area).

Wound Care Photo Documentation Benefits

The 4D PhotoStation Manager is ideal for a variety of wound care needs, including:

  • Admission assessment and documentation of ulcers (pressure, diabetic, etc) per CMS guidelines
  • Documenting pre-existing ulcers to insure Medicare reimbursement for wound care
  • Documenting progression or regression of volume and surface area of ulcers throughout treatment
  • Calculating Wound Volume and Surface Area more accurately with reduced risk of contamination
  • Consistency in Wound measurements using health facilities desired calculation method
  • Tele-medicine Consults to wound centers with annotation and measurements on images
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