4D PhotoStation System


The 4D PhotoStation System™ is our all-in-one solution for creating high quality photo documentation in Wound Care, Dermatology, and Medi-Spa clinics. The 4D PhotoStation System makes it easy to capture and organize photos, measure features, and create reports to ensure full and fast reimbursements - all with a fast and flexible workflow.

The 4D PhotoStation System includes:

  • 4D PhotoStation Manager™ Software (Essentials Edition or  Enhancer Edition)
  • Nikon D90 12 Megapixel Digital SLR
  • Nikon 60mm Macro Lens
  • Windows Laptop Computer
  • Ergonomic point-of-care mobile workstation cart

The 4D PhotoStation System fits into your existing electronic or paper-based records system and workflow. It is forward compatible with any Electronic Records System (ERS). If your clinic has an ERS, the PhotoStation can be integrated to transfer photo image data to it. If your clinic is considering an ERS, rest assured that today, you can start taking high quality photos that will be organized by Record ID so that in the future, your photo image data can integrate with whichever ERS you choose.

With the 4D PhotoStation System, you can immediately speed up your photo documentation workflow and free personnel for other tasks. We've designed the PhotoStation to make it easy to consistently take high quality photos from room-to-room with minimal setup. Because you can now store your photo-images automatically indexed to your subject's Record ID, you can eliminate hard copy printouts which are costly and bulk up the size of your physical files. Never again waste time with re-shoots, dead batteries, copying filled up memory cards, or sorting through and locating hard to identify picture files on computer hard drives.

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