4D Imaging Systems Inc. Product Support

If you have technical questions about your PhotoStation Manager software or your PhotoStation System, please email support @ 4d-imaging.com or call us at 877-622-3966 x2002.

For an introduction to key aspects related to choosing a digital camera for your photo documentation, download the Digital Photography Primer.

Digital Photography Primer

To begin using the PhotoStation Manager software, download the Quick Start Guide for a quick overview of installing and using the trial version and sample data.

Quick Start Guide

To review the PhotoStation Manager software features and functionality, download the PhotoStation Help file.

PhotoStation Manager Help

For a photo documentation workflow and PhotoStation Manager software feature summary, download the PhotoStation Manager Quick Reference.

PhotoStation Manager Quick Reference

To understand the components and setup of the PhotoStation System, download the PhotoSation System Manual.

PhotoStation System Manual

If you have any questions or would like for us to walk through the software via an online training session, please call or email. We will be happy to help you setup and configure the PhotoStation Manager or your PhotoStation System to meet your photo documentation workflow requirements at no obligation to you.

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