Photo Image Documentation

4D Photo Imaging™ is what we call the digital photo image documentation workflow you implement when using the 4D Imaging Systems' PhotoStation Manager™ solution.

Photo Image Documentation Workflow StepsUsing the PhotoStation Manager for photo image documentation means that you will have a simple way to turn your pictures into an indexed, time-based Collection of Records that can help you better document and report on how something is changing over time.

Healthcare Photo Image Documentation

If you are in Healthcare, use the PhotoStation Manager, Healthcare Edition to visually document your patients or track the results of clinical trials. Be able to see and measure changes in features, and identify which features have recently appeared.

Commercial Photo Image Documentation

If you are in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), use the PhotoStation Manager, Commercial Edition to visually document your various projects and their state of completion. Be able to see and measure features, even after they have been covered up. Complement your CAD and Building Information Models (BIM) with photo documentation of construction progress. Or, if you are in Law Enforcement, you can photo document crime scenes or accident scenes. Be able to accurately capture and document a situation and then be able to forensically explore positions, sizes, and appearance of key pieces of evidence.

If you are in any profession that relies on photography as a tool in your business or practice, 4D Photo Imaging can speed your photo documentation workflow and help you make better decisions about what is happening or what happened.

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