PhotoStation Tablet System
PhotoStation Tablet System
The Portable and Powerful Documentation Solution for the Healthcare Professional

The PhotoStation Tablet System™ is our all-in-one portable solution that takes wound care measurement and documentation to the next level. With the PhotoStation Tablet System, we bring the full power of photo documentation into a solution you can use to easily take pictures, measure wound size, and create reports that you can use with your existing patient records system.

The PhotoStation Tablet System includes our PhotoStation Manager™ software which together with the camera and wireless card, allows you to shot pictures that are instantly displayed in the patient record. Trace the wound outline and your measurements are calculated automatically!

The PhotoStation Tablet System fits into your existing electronic or paper-based records system and workflow. It is compatible with any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that can add photos directly into a patient chart. We’ve made it easy for you to get to your photos and measurement reports and send them where they need to go.

The PhotoStation Tablet System for Wound Care includes:

  • PhotoStation Manager Software 
  • Ruler Markers in 3 Sizes with Goniometer
  • Samsung Slate Tablet
  • Canon G15 12 Megapixel Digital Camera
  • EyeFi 8GB Wireless Card
  • Case and Stand for Tablet

With the PhotoStation Tablet System, you can immediately speed up your patient photography workflow and free clinic personnel for other tasks. We've designed the system to make it easy to consistently take high-quality photos from room-to-room with minimal setup. Because you can now store your photos automatically and digitally indexed by patient ID, along with your measurement and progression of healing reports, you can eliminate hard copy printouts, having to create folders and copying image files, and sorting through and locating hard to find picture files on computer hard drives.


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Get more from your Photo Imaging Workflow 

Let 4D Imaging Systems™ help you optimize your photo image documentation workflow and recommend a path to higher productivity and efficiency. We understand that every business situation is different. Healthcare Management Workflows vary depending on the size of the facility, the number of providers, and the reasons why patients are being seen. Commercial Management Workflows will vary depending on if you are using photo documentation for buildings, assets, or events.

A Full Range of Photo Documentation Services

4D Imaging Systems offers both prepackaged service plans and custom services to help you reduce costs and increase revenues from your photo image documentation workflow. We can help you:

  • Set up multiple sites in your organization to capture, organize, and access photo documentation collected in house or in the field.
  • Setup storage on your local area network or in the cloud.
  • Integrate your photo image documentation with your organizations existing or planned Electronic Records System (ERS).
  • Scan and organize your legacy collection of X-Ray, MRI, or CT-Scan films or photography to facilitate incorporation into your ERS.
  • Create customer photo image processing tools to organize or annotate your photo images to your specific requirements;
  • Integrate semi-custom digital still photography or video camera hardware device components into unique turnkey systems that meet your unique requirements.
  • Train your personnel on how to fully utilize existing or new imaging devices and systems.

Let 4D Imaging Systems' Photo Documentation Experts Help You

4D Imaging's team of computer imaging engineers can quickly tailor our existing product offerings to meet your organization's photo image documentation workflow needs, or create a new semi-custom solution to meet unique imaging requirements not directly addressable otherwise with off-the-shelf systems.

Either way, 4D Imaging's consultation services will provide you with cost savings and productivity improvements by optimizing and automating your image processing workflow.

Contact Us now to find out more about our fixed priced and project-based service offerings.


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The easiest to use and most powerful Photo Documentation and Measurement Solution!

The PhotoStation Manager™ turns any Windows® compatible computer into an image processing platform that makes it easy to organize, enhance, and communicate your photo image documentation data. The PhotoStation Manager can reduce the amount of time spent hand measuring wounds allowing you to see more patients.

PhotoStation Manager Workflow

The PhotoStation Manager provides you with the tools you need to add or edit graphical notations and take measurements fromyour photo images. The PhotoStation Manager keeps all your notations and measurement data separate from the original photo image, ensuring that your original digital data never changes.

Measuring A Wound with the PhotoStation Manager

You can measure the size of features in any photo image if you include a rectangular size marker of a known size in the photo image. This means you can measure the length, width, and area of any feature in your photo image, allowing you to track changes in size over time. The Wound Care Edition supports up to 5 default sized rulers you can set up, or you can create a custom-sized ruler for each photo image.

To set the size scale for a single photo image, use the mouse to automatically or manually place the ruler in the photo image. The PhotoStation Manager calculates the size and orientation of the marker giving you accuracy even when your perspective is at a slight angle. Once the ruler is set, you can measure using the line, ellipse, rectangle, multi-point, or pen tool.

All measurements are listed in a separate measurement area on the screen called the Enhancement Details Panel. Measurements can be displayed in English or Metric Units and based on a selected corresponding size (e.g. Size in Millimeters or Centimeters, Inches, etc). Each Enhancement drawn on a Photo Image is given a separate entry in the Enhancement Details Panel and can be named by the user. Measurements displayed (Perimeter, Area, Depth, Volume, etc.) can be turned on or off in Setup. Report outputs that include the measurement details can be additionally created using the PhotoStation Manager.

An Open Software Solution

The PhotoStation Manager is based on open system standards. Our goal is to free you to use your photo-images in a way that fits best with your existing business workflow. The PhotoStation Manager captures images in the standard JPEG format, stored in an easy to access the file system. We never make any changes to the original JPEG source photo image files once they are stored in our system. All Record Details, Capture Date Details, and image annotation data saved in the industry-standard XML format, separate from the JPEG source files.


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4D PhotoStation Camera Kit
PhotoStation Camera Kit
The All-in-One Photo Documentation Solution for the Healthcare Professional

Adding photographic documentation to your practice workflow is easier than ever with the 4D Imaging Systems PhotoStation Camera Kit.

With everything you need to shoot and load photos onto your PC, measure wound surface area, and create your photo reports, the PhotoStation Camera Kit will help you meet the increased documentation requirements for wound care reimbursements, accurately document progression of healing, lower your liability risks, and improve patient quality of care.

Unlike other solutions that are hard to learn and use, are based on proprietary hardware and software, and require a major capital purchase, the PhotoStation Camera Kit works with your existing Windows® computers and it includes a high-quality, consumer friendly Canon G15 camera that makes shooting pictures a snap. It’s also affordable and attractively priced.

With the PhotoStation Camera Kit you can incorporate photo documentation into your fast-paced clinic workflow today, without slowing you down. Best of all, the PhotoStation Camera Kit is compatible with your existing paper-based or electronic medical records system.


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4D Imaging Systems™ offers products and services that enable our customers to get the most out of their visual documentation.

Our products target the broad range of commercial and healthcare organizations that are using digital photography for documentation and who need a simple and easy way to organize, access, and make sense of their photographic imaging data.

4D Imaging Systems PhotoStation Products

4D PhotoStation Manager™ Software

The PhotoStation Manager Software is available in several editions depending on your particular photo documentation needs.

The PhotoStation Manager, Healthcare Edition is targeted at any practice, hospital, pharmaceutical firm, drug testing lab, or medical university using digital photography to document clinical conditions, procedures, drug efficacy, or progression of patient healing.

The PhotoStation Manager, Wound Care Edition is targeted at any wound care professionals focused on documenting wound surface area changes for reimbursements, progression of healing, and reduction of liabilities.

The PhotoStation Manager, Medi-Spa Edition is targeted at any cosmetic spas and clinics focused on showing before and afters and documenting results of procedures.

The PhotoStation Manager, Commercial Edition is targeted at the broad range of industries needing to document facilities, assets, projects, locations, or situation using digital photography.

4D PhotoStation Camera Kit™

To eliminate the burden of camera selection for your office, 4D Imaging Systems has carefully pared our PhotoStation Manager™ software solution with the professional quality Canon G15 camera, together into a ready-to-use all camera kit system. The PhotoStation Camera Kit is complete solution that provides the everything you need to incorporate photo documentation into your clinical workflow.

4D PhotoStation Tablet System™

Our most affordable and portable system, the PhotoStation Tablet System takes photo documentation and measurement to a new level. Included is a high quality Canon digital camera equipped with a wireless transmission card that feeds the images directly into an 11.6" tablet running our tablet optimized PhotoStation Manager software. No pulling an SD card out of a camera, plugging it into an SD card reader, and loading images into the software. The images are directly loaded into the record you selected.

Photo Imaging Cloud Storage Setup

If you have multiple locations and would like to have a single photo documentation Records Collection, we offer an inexpensive solution that will setup and configure your network of digital cameras to wirelessly upload photo images to the cloud. Once photo images are uploaded, use the PhotoStation Manager to organize, enhancement, and communicate across your entire organization.

Professional Services

4D Imaging Systems™ is available to evaluate your current office workflow and practices to make sure you Unleash the Power of Photo Image Documentation. Our goal is to simplify the photo image capture and organization so that you'll always be able to get to the photo images you need, when you need it, electronically organized by a searching Record ID. By enabling each photo image to be annotated, important details are included as 'meta-data' and made available wherever the photo-images are needed. Since your photo-images are organized electronically you can have the maximum flexibility in archiving, communicating, and sharing photo-images with your customers, co-workers, or management.

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